Dog Fest 2023 @ Siam Mall

Dog Fest 2023 @ Siam Mall

The II Dog Festival in Siam Mall was a fantastic event that brought together dog lovers from Tenerife.

Attendees enjoyed a day full of exciting activities.

One of the main attractions of the festival was the workshops, where dog owners learned useful tips and techniques to improve their relationship with their pets. From canine behavior workshops to hairdressing and rehabilitation. Experts provided personalized guidance.

The festival included local businesses that offered dog products and services. Attendees discovered new products, try free samples, and enjoyed special discounts on a wide range of items for their pets.

These are the participants in this edition:

@WowDogtrainerFenya, @FidemVeterenarios, @KoalaMascotas, @Mascots.Resort, @LendaCanarias, @SOSPeludos, @Lilo.Telitas, @SomosMascotaventura, @e.jayne_photography, @ElMenceyySuCan, @ElGossetTenerife  

It was an unforgettable day for dog lovers. People enjoyed the company of their pets, learned about techniques and tips, and connected with other dog lovers in the community.

El II Festival del Perro en Siam Mall demostró una vez más la importancia de cuidar y educar a nuestras queridas mascotas para asegurarnos de que tengan una vida plena y saludable.

Las fotos son de @e.jayne_photography