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1.- Organizing Company.

Siam Mall Community of Owners with address at Avenida Siam no3, 38660 Adeje and CIF: H-76671668 organize the “Check-in and accumulate” action through its mobile application available on Google Play and Apple Store. 

2.- Specific bases.

By participating in the “Check-in and accumulate” action, you agree to be bound by these legal bases.

3.- Territorial reach of the contest.
Our competitions take place in Spain. Siam Mall is exempt from paying transfers or extra expenses generated by the prize to the contestant.

4.- Conditions to participate.

Anyone of legal age and resident in Spanish territory may participate in the contest.

Whenever the contest involves minors, their parents, representatives, or legal guardians are responsible for their participation.

Employees of the Siam Mall Shopping Center and the companies participating in the contest cannot participate in the contest.

Check-ins are limited to one per user per day. 

5.- How to participate.

When a user is inside the shopping center with their mobile phone, they should check in to our mobile application to participate in the “Check-in and accumulate” action. 

6.- Accumulation of prizes and points.

Each time a participant checks in, they will accumulate points. Each month, the prizes and benefits that can be redeemed with accumulated points will be defined in the app and communicated at the beginning of the month. 

7.- Using the application fraudulently.

A participant may be disqualified if fraudulent use of the application is detected, including the use of independent applications.

8.- Announcement of the winners.

Social networks and the Siam Mall Shopping Center application will be used to announce prize winners.  

9.- Limitations and reservations.

Should unforeseen circumstances or circumstances require a modification or cancellation, the Shopping Center reserves the right to do so.

Siam Mall is not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft resulting from the use of the application or winning a prize.

Those who tamper with or falsify the action may be subject to legal action by Siam Mall.

10.- Personal data protection.

The Siam Mall Shopping Center will treat all personal data collected during participation in the action in accordance with their privacy policies. Click here for more information: https://ccsiammall.com/terminos-y-condiciones-de-uso-app/?lang=en 

11.- Acceptance of the regulation.

Potential participants are informed that participating in the contest implies full acceptance of these regulations. The organizing company reserves the right to eliminate any user who defrauds, alters or disables the proper functioning and normal course of the contest. This user is released from any obligation to that participant.