A great event: Friki Is Fun

A great event: Friki Is Fun

In June, Siam Mall became a hub of excitement for all Tenerife enthusiasts of geek culture.

Customers were able to immerse themselves in the fascinating worlds of movie classics, board games, and video games through a variety of activities and events.

A major attraction was the exhibition of classic movies. The event provided visitors with the opportunity to experience the magic of classic films such as “E.T.” and “Ghostbusters”.

Siam Mall Eventos

There was also a chance for fans of chess, comic-con cards, and Roblox to demonstrate their skills. Throughout each tournament, participants displayed their mental dexterity and enjoyed unique moments in our spaces with passion and enthusiasm. Friki Is Fun was a huge success.

Torneo Pioneer Siam Mall

Geek culture occupies a special place in modern society, and Siam Mall is an ideal location to enjoy these experiences.

I look forward to seeing you next year, geeks from Tenerife!