A great little corner is waiting for you at Siam Mall: Amaloa. It is one of those stands that have magic, that have so much shine with beautiful accessories to everyone. 

Amaloa was born in Tenerife; and today it is a great reality in all the Canaries; that has spread to the peninsula. A bet on illusion; for the detail and because we, always, are radiant with the perfect accessory.

If you visit us at the Siam Mall; the advice of their experts will help you find the ideal complement.

At Siam Mall we have found to know a little more about the spirit of Amaloa; and we have done it through his human quality; its employees, who open their doors to us.

Here is Laura Arzola Delgado who works at Amaloa Siam Mall, her human warmth will make you feel special and perfect just like Amaloa does for you. Because it adapts to any profile; as Laura explains to us.

Amaloa Siam Mall

For her “Amaloa we are all; because it adjusts to any taste for fashion and is timeless ”. That is to say; that you can find that ideal touch that you need; regardless of style and age.

All this; thanks to the work and effort of a company for which “advice and help are the difference”. A human staff; who is proud to be able to support you in your shopping experience.

Also; all the safe adjustments have been made. As the shop assistant tells us, “they are carrying out all the appropriate measures due to the social situation in which we find ourselves.”

Thus; workers are engaged and leave hydrogel on client; as well as gloves; and although they can visualize how they would fit the chosen set; they can’t put it on. So that; They guarantee what is now truly important: everyone’s safety.

And we cannot deny that responsibility is now vital; the same that we have to recognize that within our way of dressing; we are always satisfied to have that indispensable “light” that fully completes our outfit.

And it is that with Amaloa accessories: earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, and much more, there are endless options to always have that “extra shine” that sets us apart and at the same time, makes us the ambassadors of beauty and Canarian talent.

Amaloa bets on young Canaries and has also projected the feel of the Canary Islands in its collections: its flora, its places, its fauna, and above all the attractiveness of our archipelago in every flash of its pieces.

Therefore, buying Amaloa is synonymous with applauding the local. It becomes a simile between the fight and the spectacular nature of the Canary Islands.

Consequently, its employees like Laura-a great worker- “are wishing you enjoy all the colors, nuances, and moments that we want to give you with your safe purchases”.

Visit Amaloa and pamper yourself with that accessory at your fingertips, and above all it counts; their team is there to advise you and make you feel special.

Because, as Laura confesses, “the customer’s smile is essential; and the important thing is not only the item that you take home for that celebration or simply for that walk with your family; but to look as pretty as all the Amaloa girls are already in their soul ”.

We are waiting for you at Siam Mall; in that place of steel or silver, where you as a  client are the priority. 

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By Almudena González


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