How to discover the best Tenerife places

How to discover the best Tenerife places

Considering coming to Tenerife and don’t know where to start? At Siam Mall we help you make your stay on the Island easier and more fun. Discovering the treasures of Tenerife!

Tenerife is a magical Island where you can not only disconnect and enjoy countless beaches that will allow you to get out of the routine. The island is also an idyllic place to connect with culture and nature, and of course its traditions and its wonderful Canarian people.

And although we could suggest an infinite list of ideas to enjoy on the Island, we will propose a complete set of the most interesting activities, in which: you will visualize the stars and the highest peak in Spain, you will see the marine fauna, experience our traditions, do our most recognized activities worldwide and disconnect in one of the most complete and aesthetically beautiful shopping centers on the island.
Let’s get to know the treasures of Tenerife.

Teide volcano

Did you know that Tenerife has the Starlight Certification? It means that Tenerife is one of the best places to see the stars. That’s why it has activities within your reach where you can appreciate the quality and transparency of our sky, and all embraced by the beauty of the Teide; highest peak in Spain.

The best time to experience this activity is between December 13th and 14th, the moment of maximum intensity of the meteor shower of the Geminids.

White Tenerife

If there is something we are known for, it’s for our ocean; you can not run away from it, do not miss our marine fauna; see the dolphins and whales that live in our sea. A unique activity that your family will surely enjoy.

One of the most beautiful treasures of Tenerife.


If you want to know their traditions, their celebrations, their laughter, the joy and the color of their people, the pilgrimages is what you are looking for. Just Picture it, the streets of the villages are flooded with happiness with traditional Canarian food. All of them wear their typical dress, with traditional music, with ornate carts, and of course without missing: the mojo and the wrinkled potato. Are you going to miss it?

Loro Park and Siam Park

Although they are in different areas of the Island, since the Siam Park is in the south and the Loro Park in the North, it’s worth visiting both. The Loro Park is one of the most famous animal parks in the world, you can enjoy animals and nature. It also has shows and the largest collection of parrots.

Siam Park is the water park par excellence; the largest in Europe. Set in Thai culture, it offers fun and adrenaline. The new kingdom of water. Incredible both for adults and for the little ones in the house.

Siam Mall

And then there we are, Siam Mall. We are located in the south of the island, right next to the water park: Siam Park.

We are a different and special mall because we propose an open concept, in which you can enjoy your shopping, and our wonderful weather. All this mixed with the Thai culture: water fountains, statues and spaces designed for the visitor to disconnect and enjoy. Plus, a unique offer of fashion, restaurants and leisure will be gathered, making us the commercial joy of the island for both the tourist and the resident.

In our shopping mall, shopping is made for you to be happy in an environment designed for enjoyment and fun.

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