We reopen with extraordinary measures

We reopen with extraordinary measures

Siam Mall welcomes its customers again incorporating extraordinary measures and actions so that your shopping experience with us is 100% safe.

Its wide and open spaces, together with the reinforcement of cleaning measures and the joint work with the stores will ensure that customers who visit Siam Mall live a relaxed and comfortable experience.

Siam Mall has conscientiously prepared for the reopening, always thinking that the main thing is to rise to the challenge that we all have ahead, so that step by step we can return to normalcy with responsibility.

The Siam Mall team has created a reinforcement campaign where not only are customers constantly reminded of the sanitary measures when visiting the shopping mall, it also has cleaning points with watered hydrogel by the shopping mall and reinforcement in cleaning the spaces.

Siam Mall has created strategies so that we can enjoy what we like the most without complications. For example, the “Call & Collect” space, where customers can enjoy their favorite restaurants by ordering their menus and picking themselves up in a special area without getting out of the car.

For Siam Mall, everyone’s responsibility is essential so that little by little we can recover the distance that made us special.

More information available about the opening of Siam Mall. Click here

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