Our staff takes care of you

Our staff takes care of you

“The things that you cannot change; they are the ones that end up changing you later ”. And so it has been, suddenly the world stopped; and the tick-tock started to run very slow. An “unexpected hurricane” arrived that taught us that in the blink of an eye everything you had under control; it changes.

However; those issues that we cannot dominate make us reflective, and even more human.

They make us reborn, they transform us. And they show us that at the end of the day we are stronger than we think, that together: we are unstoppable.

For all that we have lived in confinement; in the de-escalation process and for the battles that remain to come: let’s fight.

And so we do in the Siam Mall team; Because we are a family, we not only take care of each other, but we look after you: our clients. Where your gaze does not reach, because you are enjoying your purchases, or you are laughing on the terrace in that reunion with your people; we do see you.

We are constantly protecting you; because our objective is none other than a safe shopping experience; and everything that we missed you yesterday does not happen again today.

That March 15th, our corridors were in constant echo, without your steps, feeling the emptiness. Today we can enjoy you again and above all your well-being. For this reason, we have a team that takes care of you, that supports you and that is above all looking after you.

Because at Siam Mall we are close, human, and above all tenacious, we present you the different areas that are assiduously committed to you, so that you can make your purchases with complete peace of mind. We explain how we are connected to you.


Since you enter the parking of the facility; You find the Siam Mall hall, where the assistants are reporting the mandatory use of the mask inside the shopping center. 

An example of this is: Jonathan García. Veteran worker of our team that has been in the Siam Mall since the construction began. Good companion, effective in his work and above all a devoted lover of the Siam Mall; “Even when I’m off the day, I feel like enjoying with my family at the facility and with my Siam Mall team.”


We have deployed a security area that is incessantly monitoring that all the measures we have adopted are being complied with. They are always hanging around the facility to check that everything is rigorously carried out.

From the entrance to the center with a mask, that the social distance is maintained in the corridors and that no crowds are created, to of course a daily control of the capacity. As we would say the canaries “no paran la pata”. They are the commitment to standards; fighting for everything to be under control.

An example of this is Rubén Luís. A demanding worker and above all involved with his team; For him “perseverance is the key to success; therefore, he is always willing to do more for the Siam Mall ”. He is a fighter, and as a companion will always be there to help and support you.



We have reinforced the cleaning area, in order to contribute to the thorough disinfection of all our common areas, as well as all the toilets. This department is ensuring that everything is precisely perfect in terms of hygiene.

An example of this is Marisa Bibiana Santoyo. She tells us that in their constant work they are cleaning the services every half hour; and that every hour they proceed to disinfect. Likewise, everything that is in contact with the client: like stair rails, elevators, glass, litter bins, etc … they clean it repeatedly. 

For Marisa “it is a responsibility that her area is 100% to comply with sanitary measures, she also feels that the Siam Mall team is home.” She is a great companion, with a huge heart.”


Our shopping center shines and does it thanks to them; They are always making sure that the entire mall is in perfect condition. They are great people; doing an amazing work.

They have been in charge of displaying all the vinyl of the Siam Mall so that you can identify how the entrances and exits have been managed; as well as all the security measures adopted. They are specialists that not only fix everything, but they also maintain it; they make it and improve it. Further; They are responsible for our hydrogel points being always active.

An example of this is Juan Antonio Álvarez. Electrician of our installation, that solves every problem. Good worker; “he loves his work and above all to be able to contribute more to the team; So not only do I try to give my best, but I share moments with great colleagues that I have meet here at Siam Mall ”.



At the 2nd door of the shopping center, we have our customer information point; in which we are there to give you our help.

We are always ready to inform you with a smile. 

And here I am, who writes these lines Almudena González. For me “Siam Mall represents customer happiness, and my colleagues are part of my heart “

There are many of us who are part of the Siam Mall family; and for us, it is a pleasure to be able to be your eyes, because you are savoring those little details – that in confinement you began to value more – We are always taking care of you. 

Because you are our priority; and we want to ensure that your visit is done in perfect conditions, because we have once again shined together with you.

Thank you for trusting the Siam Mall team; And thanks to all the workers who are part of this family and from the internal team and management of the facility, to the store workers; They are doing the impossible because this “new normal” is to the liking, the patience, and your smile. Because although with the mask we cannot see you; you give it to us with your eyes; because the eyes also smile.


Written by Almudena González


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