Siam Mall welcomes its customers again incorporating extraordinary measures and actions to make their shopping time 100% safe.
Its wide and open spaces, together with the reinforcement of cleaning measures and the joint work with the stores will ensure that customers who visit Siam Mall have a safe shopping experience.
These are the extraordinary measures we are taking:


Daily disinfection of our spaces: We completely disinfect common spaces and facilities before opening, including loading docks and waste points. We pay special attention to the areas with the most influxes of clients such as parking, escalators, bathrooms, rest areas, etc.

Constant cleaning and disinfection: We do constant cleaning and disinfection during the day of the main contact areas and those with the highest number of clients.

Hydroalcoholic gel points: We have made hydroalcoholic gel points available to customers and employees. They have been installed at various points in the center. 

We reinforce maintenance: Our maintenance team periodically reviews ventilation ducts and air purification systems in common areas and shops.

Elevators are only for those who really need it: We restrict the use of lifts to one person and always giving priority to those who have reduced mobility and who may be accompanied by one person. We also have a ramp.

Installation of methacrylate screens: We have installed methacrylate screens at our customer service points.

Safety distance: We have correctly signaled the safety distance between customers, with vinyl on the floor at the entrance of the hypermarket, toilets, and other high-traffic operators. In addition, our security team is constantly monitoring through video surveillance systems that social distancing and sanitary measures are respected by everyone.

Children’s areas and limited seating areas: Children’s areas and seating areas will be closed or limited to guarantee the minimum distance.

 Deactivation of digital directories: We deactivate digital directories and interactive touch screens and although they are turned off, we are cleaning and disinfecting them.

Disinfection and use of toilets: We constantly clean and disinfect the toilets. The use of family toilets and lactation rooms is restricted to a single-family, not being able to combine two-family units.

Suspended events: For the moment, we have suspended all activities that may cause crowds such as events, workshops, or cultural activities.

We remind you of the health recommendations: We are constantly remembering the health recommendations via a public address system or through posters.

No smoking: In accordance with current legislation, smoking is forbidden in our spaces (includes terraces)


Daily disinfection of spaces used by employees: We disinfect daily spaces used by employees, such as corridors or loading docks.

 Protective equipment: Mandatory use of personal protective equipment for center workers and external providers: gloves and masks.

Continuity plans: We have designed business continuity plans in the event of a possible increase in staff leave.


-Social distance of 2 meters.

-Use mask is mandatory in all the stores and spaces of the shopping center.

-Control of the flow of inputs and outputs of the center.

-People counting and capacity control system, including parking.

-Security personnel will check that the minimum distance is respected and will disperse groups of more than two people that circulate around the center, paying special attention to stairs and elevator areas.

 -Vinyl placement indicating the safety distance on stairs, elevators, toilets, welcome desk, etc.

-Posters and audio reminders about security recommendations.


We have established special measures for those with hearing, visual, cognitive difficulties, etc. Many of them may need to travel with a companion without keeping safety distances.

-Loan wheelchairs will be disinfected before and after each use.

-Priority access to the use of elevators, toilets and lactation rooms.

-We will disclose on our website and social networks the special measures for accessibility.

Yes, you must wear a mask. Its use is mandatory in all the stores and spaces of the shopping center.

No, to enter our center you do not need a covid test.

During your visit to Siam Mall remember: Wear masks, wash your hands frequently, respect the safety distance, don´t touch your face and when you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth with the inside of your elbow or with disposable tissue. We also recommend all electronic payments. More info: https://ccsiammall.com/medidas/?lang=en

Yes, the capacity of the shopping center at the moment is limited to 25%.

We are open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.


Yes, our restaurants are taking all the corresponding sanitary measures and operate normally, although with less capacity. 

Terrace: 75% capacity and 6 people per table. 

Interior: 50% capacity, 4 people per table. 


Yes, but always respecting security measures and social distancing.

Yes, you can meet your friends in a restaurant or cafe in the center. 

No, for now we do not take the temperature to customers. Some stores might take your temperature before you enter their store.

Yes, you can visit us with your pet as long as you comply with the measures of our regulation. You can read it here: https://ccsiammall.com/reglamento-mascotas/?lang=en 

The use of elevators is currently limited to one person, with the exception of those with reduced mobility or people with children.

It depends on the influx, but do not worry, we have delimited the areas so that even if you have to wait a little you can do it respecting the safety distance.

Yes, on this page (above) you have all the information regarding the extraordinary measures that we are taking at Siam Mall: https://ccsiammall.com/medidas-extraordinarias-covid-19/

Our free shuttle bus is available so you can get to our mall easily and comfortably. All information about routes and timetables is available here

Yes, but the use of family toilets and lactation rooms is restricted to a single-family, and two-family units cannot be used simultaneously.

Of course, businesses accept cash but our recommendation is to use electronic payment for your shopping.