How to wash your hands properly

How to wash your hands properly

During all these months we have been taking extra hygiene measures both at home and out. So we are going to explain how to wash your hands properly.

We may think that washing our hands is something that we have controlled for a lifetime, but the truth is that if we want to wash our hands to help us keep the virus at bay, we must do it in a more profound way.

How to wash your hands properly

This wash should last between 45 and 60 seconds and here is the step-by-step explanation.

-First of all, you should wet your hands with plenty of water.

-Apply enough soap.

-Rub your palms together for a few seconds.

-Rub each palm against the back of each hand several times.

-Rub your palms with your interlocked fingers.

-Rub the back of fingers (including thumbs)

-Finally rub your fingers against the palms to clean the upper part of them.

-Rinse hands with plenty of water

-Wipe them dry with a single-use paper or towel

-Done! Your hands are clean and virus free.

The WHO explains it in this graph

How do I put on the hydrogel and when?

Many ask themselves that question and we will explain some things about it. The gel should never replace soap and water. We should use it when we are not able to wash our hands because although it eliminates bacteria, it does not eliminate dirt.

The WHO recommends using a disinfectant gel that contains between 60 and 90 percent ethanol and apply it to the palm of the hand for at least 20 to 30 seconds.

At Siam Mall we have hydrogel points in strategic areas so that you can constantly clean your hands while you shop, you also have at your disposal the sinks on all floors where hygiene measures have been reinforced for your safety.


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