10 Canary gastronomy products to give

10 Canary gastronomy products to give

When we travel,  one of the things that we like to give away are products related to the gastronomy of the place we visit. It’s a great way to get closer to the flavors and smells of those places. That’s why we recommend these 10 Canary gastronomy products to give as gifts.

If you travel to Tenerife, you will discover that it hides certain gastronomic treasures that you will love to take with you to give to your friends or family. The Canarian gastronomy is very varied and you will love it.

Here some ideas of those things that in our opinion you should not miss, besides, we have made a selection of products that you can find in local supermarkets like our Hiperdino and that are easy to transport.

1.- Canary Wines: we recommend wines from Viñanorte winery, but you will find a wide variety of Local Wines as the Canary Islands have a great wine tradition. In recent years, with the mixture of tradition and innovation in the exploitation of wines, the quality of them has truly increased.

2.- Rum – Caramel or Banana Liqueur: Rum is one of the most consumed liqueurs and very typical in parties and after-parties on the islands. In the Canary Islands there are two local and well-known brands and specifically in Tenerife the Santa Cruz Rum. In addition to rum, they offer varieties with lower alcohol content of great quality and with a very careful presentation.

Also the banana liquor is one of the typical products to give if you travel to the Canary Islands where you will find extensive banana plantations especially in the south of Tenerife. A product of Canarian gastronomy that you will love.

3.- Gofio: Without doubt one of the stars of the Canarian cuisine and that has been part of the diet of the Canaries since their aborigines. It is made by grinding whole grains of roasted cereal with stone and a pinch of salt is added at the end. It has great nutritional properties and can be prepared in a multitude of ways.

Canary gastronomy products
Gofio, flour made from roasted cereal is a popular ingredient in the Canary Islands

4.- Mojos: Another reference in Canarian cuisine is mojo. Red or green is consumed with the traditional “crumpled potatoes” but it is also used in combination with different fish, cheeses and even as a starter simply with bread. You can find different presentations ready to give with excellent quality in supermarkets.

Canary gastronomy products
Wrinkled potatoes with red and green sauce typical dish of the canary islands with volcano Teide as background

5.- Aloe Vera Products: The aloe vera crop has been very widespread in recent years in the Islands, as well as an entire industry around it. This plant has many applications and properties especially in the world of cosmetics and nutrition and you can find it in many formats and sizes.

More Canary gastronomy products to give…

6.- Cheese: The Canarian cheeses of goat milk are valued among the best in the world. You will find a multitude of varieties in terms of ripening and dressing. It is easy to find them vacuum packed and in small formats that will facilitate their transport and conservation.

Canary gastronomy products

7.- Sweets and Canarian Desserts: If you are one of those who like to give candy, you have many options to get closer to the confectionery of the islands. In supermarkets you will find cookies, turrones, quesadillas or desserts such as bienmesabe, prince Alberto or the typical chocolates. You will usually find a predominance of honey and almonds.

8.- Canarian Honey: The particularity of the flora in the Canary Islands means that the productions on the islands have special nuances. Tenerife honey producers have their own denomination of origin and can find packages with different types and flavors such as Pitera honey, Retama del Teide honey, heath, avocado, etc.

9.- Moringa: This product is recently known as one of the so-called “superfood” with more than 90 nutrients and a large amount of antioxidant and mineral properties. The climatic conditions of the Islands have triggered their production and consumption. You can find it directly in powder to take as a supplement, in infusions or in cosmetics and beauty products.

10.- Almogrote: This typical product of the Neighbor Island of La Gomera has a texture similar to a pate and is made with cured cheese, pepper, tomato and oil. It has a very intense flavor and is accompanied with bread or potatoes, but it is also used to flavor sauces or meats. Canary gastronomy products are amazing! 

These are some of the Canary gastronomy products that you can take home, either for your own consumption or as a gift. The formats you find in our Hiperdino Siam Mall are perfect to carry in your suitcase and enjoy our taste abroad.

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