Summer Cinema 2023

Summer Cinema 2023

Our customers can enjoy an unforgettable Summer cinema experience on the terrace of our shopping center.

Siam Mall’s cinema is back! The outdoor screen will show a variety of films from sci-fi to family-friendly, while comfortable chairs and soft cushions create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Siam Mall’s summer cinema on the terrace will be the favorite place to experience cinema magic this year, with popcorn, sweets, and soft drinks at hand.

Every Friday, we will enjoy the best science fiction movies. 

On Saturdays and Sundays:

Sunday: Trivia

Our Sunday movie trivia will be held among the children who attend the movie, and the winners will receive gift cards from the Children’s Park and fantastic prizes from our toy stores.

Trivia Rules for Movies:

1. Watch the movie carefully.

2. At the end of the film, there will be a series of questions through Kahoot.it (maximum 50 users).

3. To access Kahoot, parents need to go to the kahoot.it website and enter the PIN on the screen. (See how to connect to the game on the stage screen)

4. You earn more points the faster you answer.

5. After the quiz, do not close the web page, you must show the hostess/entertainer your tickets.

-The player with the most points gets a 20 Dragos card + DREAMLAND GIFT.

-The second with the highest score gets a 15 Dragos card.

-The third with the highest score gets a 10 Dragos card.