Micro-stories contest 2020

Micro-stories contest 2020

Want to win a school kit of 100€ valued? Participate in our Micro-stories contest from September 7th to 13th! We’ll choose 6 winners.

How to do it?

-Enter this link and choose one of the three photos posted: https://ccsiammall.com/concurso-microcuentos-2020/

-After you have chosen the photo, let your imagination fly and write a micro-story (no more than 150 characters / 30 words)

-Publish your story next to the photo you chose on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (post no story) and use the HT #MicroCuentoSiamMall

Done and good luck!

All participants must follow Siam Mall in the network they decide to participate. The HT #MicroCuentoSiamMall is not counted as a word.

Read the bases here: https://ccsiammall.com/microcuentobases2020/


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